Top 10 things to do in Bhtan

A few things to be included when you travel to bHutan

Bhutan is a beautiful and culturally rich country with a variety of activities and attractions to offer. Different individuals may have different perspectives; however we have complied the following top 10 things to do in Bhutan as per our experience as a tour operator in Bhutan

Top 10 Things to do in Bhutan


1. Hike to Taktshang Monastery

This iconic monastery is perched on the edge of a cliff and offers stunning views of the Paro Valley. It’s a challenging hike, but well worth the effort.

National dress of Bhutan

2. Experience the National Dress of Bhutan (Gho and Kira)

The traditional Bhutanese attire is a significant cultural aspect. For Bhutanese men, the national dress is known as “Gho,” which is a knee-length robe tied at the waist with a belt. Women wear the “Kira,” which is an ankle-length dress accompanied by a “Toego,” a jacket. The colors and patterns of these garments often signify the individual’s social or marital status. To experience the national dress, you can rent or purchase a Gho or Kira at local shops and wear it during your visit to monasteries, festivals, or on special occasions.

An Archery Match in Bhutan

3. Witness an Archery Match or try it yourself

Archery is the national sport of Bhutan and holds deep cultural significance. Traditional Bhutanese archery involves using bamboo bows and arrows. The sport is not just about hitting the target but is accompanied by spirited singing and dancing. If you’re interested in experiencing archery, you can often find opportunities to try it out at local archery ranges, especially during festivals and events. You can even participate in friendly competitions with locals, which can be a fun way to immerse yourself in Bhutanese culture.


4. Explore Thimphu, Bhutan capital City

Bhutan’s capital city is a vibrant place to experience Bhutanese culture. Visit the Tashichho Dzong, the National Memorial Chorten, and the bustling weekend market.

Thangbi Mani Festival Tour

5. Attend a Festival in Bhutan

Bhutan is known for its colorful festivals, or “tshechus.” These events celebrate Bhutanese culture and are a great way to experience traditional dances, music, and ceremonies.

6. Hikes around the Bhutanese Valleys

Bhutan is known for its pristine natural beauty. Bhutan has a lot to offer when it comes to short hikes. You may choose to hike in any of the valleys with a visit to a temple or monastery. Stunning views, natural forests and landscapes and age old trails gives you a rejuvenating experience.

Dochula Pass

7. Explore the Dochula pass

The Dochula Pass is the highest point between Thimphu Valley and the Punakha Valley and lies at an altitude of 3100 m. It is approximately 45 minutes drive from Thimphu and is marked by 108 stupas known as the Druk Wangyel Chhortens. If the weather is clear the stunning views of the Himalayan mountain range are amazing. You may also expect snowfall early in the year.

Punakha Dzong

8. Visit Punakha Dzong

This majestic fortress, located at the confluence of the Pho Chhu and Mo Chhu rivers, is one of Bhutan’s most impressive architectural wonders.


Bhutanese Art

9. Learn about Bhutanese Art

Visit the National Institute for Zorig Chusum in Thimphu to see traditional Bhutanese art and crafts being made by local artisans.

Bhutanese Cuisine

10. Enjoy Bhutanese Cuisine

Try Bhutanese dishes such as “ema datshi” (chili and cheese), “momos” (dumplings), and “thukpa” (noodle soup) at local restaurants.

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