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After the tourism in Bhutan was closed on 6th March 2020 due to Covid-19 Pandemic, Bhutan reopened on 23rd September 2022 with a new vision and rebrands itself as “Bhutan Believe”, the previous being “Happiness is a place”. Under the leadership of our Great Monarchs, Bhutan has always stood out as a unique country of values, peace, heritage, happiness and many more that the world around us have always appreciated. Traveling to Bhutan has been made much easier and more sustainable. Now, traveling to Bhutan is not just traveling but an opportunity to be a part of a country’s moment of evolution.

This page is dedicated to Bhutan Travel Information. Being a Local Bhutanese Tour Operator, we are always happy to assist travelers with Bhutan travel information ensuring that they their holiday in Bhutan is well planned and they travel hassle free.

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