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Why Bhutan

Every monuments, tradition and culture in Bhutan has its origin to myths, legends and folktales. Despite the force of globalization these myths and legends stand tall and is a part of everyday life of Bhutanese people.

We may not have fancy cars, tallest buildings or a lot of money; we have luxuries of time, society & values to live with. Bhutan is a country of Gross National Happiness where happiness counts more than the material wealth.

With more than 72% of land area covered in natural forest, Bhutan is among the few ecological hotspots in the world. The majestic mountains, the silent valleys, the pristine lakes and the undisturbed flora and fauna still smile humbly here. The natural forests of Bhutan absorbs more carbon dioxide that what Bhutan produces.

Festivals in Bhutan dates back to 7th century with the miracles performed by the Great Guru Rinpoche transforming into different forms to subdue demons. These festivals are unique, colorful and have great historical, religious and social significance.

Chilies hanging on beautiful windows, the mighty dzongs, the age old monasteries, the simple farm houses, playing archery and khuru on leisure Sundays, visiting monasteries and lighting butter lamps on auspicious days all forms a part of daily life in Bhutan.

Our hand picked tours and treks

Nature and Cultural Delight

Nature & Cultural delight

  • 13 Nights Cultural Tour in Bhutan
  • A Complete immersion in culture
  • Unbeatable prices 
Unveiling Bhutanese textile

Unveiling Bhutanese Textile

  • 15 Nights Bhutanese Textile Tour 
  • the real feel of bhutanese textile 
  • Special discounts available
Thangbi Mani Festival Tour

Thangbi Mani Festival Tour

  • 10 Nights Bhutan Festival Tour 
  • colors, traditions, experiences & more
The Dagagla Ancient Trail

The Dagagla Ancient Trail

  • 14 Nights Thimphu to Dagana Trek 
  • history, nature, experiences & More
A Photo Journey in Bhutan

A Photo Journey in Bhutan

  • 8 Nights Bhutan Photography Tour
  • for photos of a lifetime
Happiness and Hikes

Happiness and Hikes

  • 6 Nights Rejuvenating Bhutan Travel
  • beautiful experiences, happy moments

Explore Bhutan with us, we pledge more than just travel

Why us

Ideal Travel Creations is a “Travelife Engaged” Tour Operator. We have completed the Travelife Trainings and we practice sustainable and responsible tourism in Bhutan. We take pride in putting efforts to make our tours and internal management sustainable and responsible in all the small and big ways we can.

We are licensed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Royal Govt. of Bhutan, approved by the Tourism Council of Bhutan and a member of the Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators. We are Bhutanese and based in Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan. Being local, gives us the confidence to let you know that we know Bhutan well.

We are a family run business, headed and managed by husband and wife. This is our bread and butter and we ensure that we are available for our guests, vendors and partners anytime so that every one and every part related to Ideal Travel Creations are happy.

Among the thousands of tour operator in the country, many are new and for many it may be part time business. We are a full time Bhutan Tour Operator. Established in the year 2012, we have garnered enough experience and we are well established. We can guarantee you the best holidays in Bhutan, a memorable and hassle free travel in Bhutan.

Every tour we organize is crafted as per the requirements and interest of the travelers and we ensure that every travelers travel Bhutan with us as our personal guests and return back home as friends.

Bhutan Travel experiences with us

I recently completed a very delightful trip to Bhutan arranged through Ideal Travel Creations (ITC).I found the ITC people to be excellent in their attention to detail and very thorough in their communications even before I arrived in Bhutan.........
John Hughes in Bhutan
Mr. John Hughes
Hi Teri, Bikee & Trishna, I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic time I had in Bhutan! Everything was meticulously organized and it meant I could enjoy myself without worrying about logistics. Bikee & Trishna were so warm & personable.........
Ms. Noelle in Bhutan
Ms. Noelle Gracy
Thanks Trishna and Bikee for planning such a wonderful holiday for us. Vevak and Yeshi were awesome and took care of us with a lot of love. We really appreciate all the efforts put in by you and your team. Thanks a lot ! Keep up the excellent work and looking.......
Mr. Royston and Family in Bhutan
Mr. Royston and Family

Our Commitments

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  • We Make Your Travel to Bhutan Easy
  • A Life Time Experience In Bhutan
  • Ensure You Fall In Love With Bhutan
  • Responsible & Sustainable Tourism
  • Personalized Attention To Details

Our Commitments

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  • Offer With Bhutan Travel Information
  • Assist Planning Your Bhutan Trip
  • Custom Made Itineraries & Holiday
  • Organize Tours And Treks In Bhutan
  • Cars, Hotels, Visa & Permit

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