Festivals and Events in Bhutan

Where Tradition Meets Celebration in Every Festival and Event

Often referred to as the Land of the Thunder Dragon, the Kingdom of Bhutan is a country rich in cultural heritage and spiritual traditions. The festivals and events celebrated throughout the year play a significant role in showcasing Bhutanese culture, religion, and the vibrant spirit of its people. These festivals, known as Tshechus, and other events are a fascinating blend of religious rituals, masked dances, traditional music, and vibrant social gatherings.

Bhutan’s festivals and events not only offer a glimpse into the country’s rich cultural tapestry but also provide an opportunity for locals and visitors to come together in joyous celebration. The colorful costumes, intricate dances, and spiritual significance make these events a truly enchanting experience for anyone fortunate enough to witness them.

Tentative Dates - Festival and Events in Bhutan

Festival dates are tentative and may change. It is highly recommended to confirm with the focal persons before booking or making any arrangement.
The festival dates have been prepared in collaboration with the College of Astrology of Pangrizampa and officials from the Dzongkhags

Sl #FestivalDates
1Winter Solstice (Nyinlo)Celebrated through out the Country2-Jan-24
2Shingkhar Rabney Shingkhar Dechenling Lhakhang, Ura, Bumthang2nd - 6th Jan, 2024
3Manay DungdrupTshogom Gewog, Wangduephodrang10th - 16th Jan, 2024
4Traditional Day of Offering (Chunipa Losar)Celebrated through out the Country12th Jan, 2024
5Chuzanggang TshechuChuzanggang, Sarpang18th - 20th Jan, 2024
6Tsatse Zongling Goenpa TshechuTsatse Zongling Goenpa , Nanong, Pemagatshel19th - 21st Jan, 2024
7Thartonglung TshechuThartonglungchu
Thaytsho Gewog, Wangduephodrang
20th- 25th Jan, 2024
8ShaliShali Shumar, Pemagatshel23rd- 25th January, 2024
9JaynabangguBalakha Wangduephodrang30th January, 2024
10Losar 2024
Celebrated throughout the country
10th - 11th February, 2024
11Festival of MahakaliTrongsa Dzong Courtyard Trongsa15th - 17th Feb 2024
12Punakha DrubchenPunakha Dzong Punakha16th - 18th February, 2024
13Trashiyangtse Annual TshechuNew Dzong Trashiyangtse17th - 19th February, 2024
14Nganglam TshechuNganglam Dratsang Pemagatshel17th -28th February, 2024
15Galing TshechuGaling Lhakhang Trashigang18th -20th February, 2024
16Khengzor TshechuKhengzor Lhakhang Pemagatshel18th -20th February, 2024
17Doendupcholing TshechuDoendrupcholing Wangduephodrang19th February, 2024
18Dumati TshechuDumati Lichibi Zhemgang19th February, 2024
19Punakha TshechuPunakha Dzong Punakha19th - 21st February, 2024
20Naktashang TshechuNyalamdung Naktshang, Khoma, Lhuntse19th -23rd February 2024
21Birth Anniversary of His Majesty the KingCelebrated throughout the country21st -23rd February, 2024
22Trashang Tshechu
Trashang Lamai Lhakhang Trashigang22nd -24th February, 2024
23Zobel TshechuZobel Lhakhang Pemagatshel22nd -24th February, 2024
24Chenga KoraChorten Kora Trashiyangtse24th February, 2024
25Buli ManiBuli Gonpa-Yoesel Lhendrup Choling Bumthang25th -27th February, 2024
26Tangsibi ManiTangsibi Dechenling Lhakhang Ura, Bumthang25th -27th February, 2024
27Phurba DrubchenDrodhuel Pemachoeling Lhakhang Ramjar, Trashiyangtse25th February-5th March, 2024
28Zhuri DuechoedZhuri Lhakhang Chumey, Bumthang5th -7th March, 2024
29Gedhan ChodpaGedhan Lhakhang Bumthang9th -11th March, 2024
30Tsangpo TshechuTsangpo Lhakhang Trashigang9th -11th March, 2024
31Namgang KoraChorten Kora Trashiyangtse10th March, 2024
32Zhemgang TshechuZhemgang Dzong Zhemgang16th -19th March, 2024
33Gasa TshechuGasa Dzong Gasa16th -19th March, 2024
34Dzongkhag Annual TshechuTsirang Namgaycholing Dratshang Tsirang17th -19th March, 2024
35Talo TshechuTalo Gonpa Punakha17th -19th March, 2024
36Takila TshechuTakila Guru Lhakhang Meambi, Lhuntse18th -19th March, 2024
37PazamSaphoegang Wangduephodrang19th March, 2024
38Auma TshechuNorbugang Lhakhang Dakar Gewog, Wangduephodrang19th March, 2024
39GompukoraGom Kora Lhakhang Trashigang19th March, 2024
40PrewchoedBuli/Tali/Nangkor Zhemgang19th March, 2024
41Tala ChodpaChumey, Bumthang19th -20th March, 2024
42Dzongdra TshechuDzongdrakha Lhakhang Tshechu ground Luni Gewog, Paro20th -26th March, 2024
43Auma TshechuChoeling Goenpa Lhakhang Wangduephodrang21st March, 2024
44Nyinzergang DromchoeNyinzergang Wangduephodrang21st- 25th March, 2024
45Paro TshechuParo Rinpung Dzong Paro21st -25th March, 2024
46Burma Utshap (Foundation Day)Koencholing Hindhu Mandhir Shompangkha, Sarpang25th March, 2024
47Rhododendron FestivalLamperi, Botanical Park Dochula, Thimphu13th -14th April, 2024
48LochoTshogom Gewog, Wangduephodrang13th -15th April, 2024
49TshogurisoKhatoe, Wangduephodrang15th -16th April, 2024
50Yonphula TshechuUgyen Dongag Chokhorling Lhakhang Trashigang15th -18th April, 2024
51Rawabi TshechuRawabi Goenpa Maenbi, Lhuntse16th -18th April, 2024
52Domkhar TshechuDomkhar community Lhakhang Chumi, Bumthang16th -18th April, 2024
53Dungmed TshechuDungmed Lhakhang Pemagatshel16th -18th April, 2024
54TashicholingTashicholing Lhakhang Yurung Gewog, Pemagatshel16th -18th April, 2024
55Dungkar TshechuDungkar Lhakhang Khar, Pemagatshel16th -19th April, 2024
56Zhabdrung KuchoeCelebrated throughout the country18th April, 2024
57Ura YakchoeUra Makrong Village Bumthang20th -24th April, 2024
58Changmey TshechuChangmey Lhakhang Trashigang22nd -24th April, 2024
59Tsebar TshechuTsebar Lhakhang Pemagatshel22nd -24th April, 2024 (Once in 3 years)
60Birth Anniversary of Third Druk GyalpoCelebrated throughout the country2nd May, 2024
61Luetshodolay ChhamNyisho Gewog, Wangduephodrang8th May, 2024
62Prew KhowchungKhowchung Gangzur, Lhuntse18th May, 2024
63Prew- JasabiJasabi Kurtoe, Lhuntse18th -20th May, 2024
64Dolay DrupchenTaktshang Pelphu, Paro18th -27th May, 2024
65Jomo SoelkhaDangrey Kholdung, Trashigang22nd May, 2024
66Lord Buddha’s ParinirvanaCelebrated throughout the country23rd May, 2024
67LhaboeTshogom Gewog, Wangduephodrang23rd May, 2024
68Tshog-guTshogom Gewog, Wangduephodrang23rd May, 2024
69Petsheling KuchoedPadtsheling Janchup Peldri Monastary Bumthang27th -29th May, 2024
70Dangling SoelkhaDangling Tsho Trashigang28th May, 2024
71Dechenling TshechuMang Lhakhang Dechenling, Pemagatshel14th -16th June, 2024
72Nimalung TshechuNimalung Dratshang Chumi, Bumthang14th -16th June, 2024
73Yonphu Treda TshechuYonphu Ugyen Choling Lhakhang Trashigang14th -17th June, 2024
74Khamdang Tendra TshechuShaksing Goenpa Khamdang, Trashiyangtse15th -16th June, 2024
75Birth Anniversary of Guru RinpocheCelebrated throughout the country16th June, 2024
76Yuejuk Trelda TshechuYuejuk Lhakhang, Trashigang16th June, 2024
77Bartsham Trelda TshechuChador Lhakhang Trashigang16th June, 2024
78Kurjey TshechuKurje Lhakhang Bumthang16th June, 2024
79Tendra TshechuGeokar Lhakhang Yallang, Trashiyangtse16th June, 2024
80Dungsingma TshechuDungshingma Lhakhang Yurung, Pemagatshel16th June, 2024
81Pangsho Chiwog Tshogom TshechuPangsho Chiwog Tshogom, Wangduephodrang16th June, 2024
82Khangma TshechuKhangma Lhakhang Yurung, Pemagatshel16th -18th June, 2024
83Tsan-Dueth SoelkhaMamung Lhakhang Phangkhar, Zhemgang16th - 22nd June, 2024
84Tama Geonpa ChotpalaTama Geonpa Trong, Zhemgang27th -28th June, 2024
85First Sermon of Lord BuddhaCelebrated throughout the country10th July, 2024
86Haa Summer FestivalDzongkhag Archery Ground or Gongzim Ugyen Dorji Central School ground
12th -14th July, 2024
87Dorlung Mani TshechuDorlung Mani Tshechu2nd-5th August, 2024
88Lhamoi Doey PhangRinpung Dzong Paro3rd August, 2024
89Merak WangMerak Samten Pheling Lhakhang Trashigang4th August, 2024
90Gengo WangTashi Choling Lhakhang Trashigang5th August, 2024
91Azhey LhamoUra and Shingkhar Bumthang12th - 13th August, 2024
92Jang and Gangzur ChhaJang and Gangzur village Lhuntse12th -15th August, 2024
93Mushroom festival at GenekhaGeneyzam Thimphu15th - 16th August, 2024
94Takila ChhaPhagidoong, Baypazur and Takila Lhakhang Maenbi, Lhuentse17th -19th August, 2024
95Yak LhaiUra and tang whose residents practice animal husbandry Bumthang19th August- 2nd September, 2024
96Kesibi ChhaKesibi Lhakhang Maenbi, Lhuntse21st -23rd August, 2024
97Wangshing RabneyWangshing Lhakhang Menje, Lhuntse27th -29th August, 2024
98ChhaChhusa and Zimpong Kurtoe, Lhuntse5th -7th September, 2024
99Thimphu DrubchenTrashichhoedzong Thimphu8th -10th September, 2024
100DromcheRinpung Dzong Paro10th September, 2024
101KothakpaKhothakpa Lhakhang Shumar, Pemagatshel11th -13th September, 2024
102GoenpungGoenpung Goenpa, Shumar Pemagatshel11th -13th September, 2024
103Haa TshechuLhakhang Karpo Haa11th -13th September, 2024
104Wangdue TshechuWangduephodrang Dzong Wangduephodrang11th-13th September, 2024
105Terchen DrupchenKichu Lhakhang Paro11th -21st September, 2024
106Lamai KuchoedDorjitse Gonpa Tang, Bumthang12th -14th September, 2024
107Shakshing GoenpaShaking Goenpa Khamdang, Trashiyangtse12th -14th September, 2024
108Barpong ChotpaBarpong Lhakhang Zhemgang13th September, 2024
109Bumrip SoelkhaLhashing-gang Khatoekha, Wangduephodrang13th September, 2024
110Geling Goenpa TshechuGeling Goenpa Chukha13th - 14th September, 2024
111Tamzhing Phala ChoedpaTamzhing Lhundrup Choling Lhakhang Bumthang13th -15th September, 2024
112Thimphu TshechuTrashichhoedzong Thimphu13th -15th September, 2024
113Bumrip SoelkhaLhashingtshawa Changkha, Wangduephodrang14th September, 2024
114Ney and Shawa ChhaNey village Gangzur Lhuntse14th -16th September, 2024
115Pemagatshel Nangkor TshechuNangkhor Lhakhang Shumer, Pemagatshel16th -18th September, 2024
116Gangtey Goenpa TshechuGangtey Goenpa Wangduephodrang16th -18th September, 2024
117Dungsingma TshechuDungshingma Lhakhang Yurung, Pemagatshel16th -18th September, 2024
118KadamKadam Lhakhang Pemagatshel17th -19th September, 2024
119Tangmi MewangTangbi lhundrup Choedey Lhakhang Choekhor, Bumthang17th -19th September, 2024
120Phongmey TshechuWogmin Ugyen Choling Lhakhang Trashigang17th -19th September, 2024
121Dankala Mani Tshechu
Dankala Lhakhang Shaba, Paro18th September, 2024
122Yonphu Meme Abi TshechuYonphu Ugyen Choling Lhakhang Trashigang18th September, 2024
123Baling DruphueBjena Gewog, Wangduephodrang18th September, 2024
124Jampa Lhakhang DrupJambay Lhakhang Choekhor, Bumthang18th - 21st September, 2024
125Blessed Rainy DayCelebrated throughout the country23rd September, 2024
126Thajong SoeThajong Nimshong, Zhemgang28th September- 2nd October, 2024
127Black Mountain FestivalTrongsa1st - 2nd October, 2024
128Shelgoen DromchoeShema Goenpa Chukha2nd - 3rd October, 2024
129Khaywang TshechuKhaywang Lhakhang Phobjikha, Wangduephodrang5th October, 2024
130Hidden Kingdom World Music FestivalAmochu Riverside, Phuntsholing6th- 12th October, 2024
131Ugyen Choling KangsoelTang Valley Bumthang8th -12th October, 2024
132Selkhar TshechuSelkhar Goenpa Trashigang9th -13th October, 2024
133Goenkar TshechuGoenpakarp Khoma, Lhuntse10th - 12th October, 2024
134Lanyiri TshechuLanyiri Lhakhang Dungmin, Pemagatshel10th -12th October, 2024
135Jakar TshechuJakar Dzong Bumthang10th - 13th October, 2024
136Shakshing TshechuShakshing Lhakhang Khamdang, Trashiyangtse11th - 13th October, 2024
137Tsebar TshechuRinzingatshel Lhakhang Khar, Pemagatshel11th – 13th October, 2024
138Khaling TshechuTashi Choling Lhakhang Trashigang11th -13th October, 2024
139Drupkhang TshechuDrupkhang Lhakhang Trashigang11th -13th October, 2024
140DassainCelebrated throughout the country12th October, , 2024
141Jomolhari FestivalDamgochang Soe Gewog, Paro14th - 15th October, 2024
142Dungmed TshechuDungmed Lhakhang Dungmin, Pemagatshel15th -17th October, 2024
143Pemagatshel TshechuPemagatshel Dzong Pemagatshel15th -17th October, 2024
144Tshogoenpa TshechuTshogonpa Lhakhang Trashigang16th - 18th October, , 2024
145GoensadruphueGoensar Lhakhnag Wangduephodrang17th October, 2024
146Prakhar kuchhoedPhodrang Lhundrup Deyang Lhakhang Chume, Bumthang17th - 21st October, 2024
147TorjapChangkha Wangduephodrang21st October, 2024
148Laya RunLaya Gasa22nd October, 2024
149Royal Highland FestivalLaya Gasa23rd - 24th October, 2024
150Serzhong TshechuSerzhong Sarpang23rd October, 2024
151Drunggoen TshechuDrungoen Rigzin Gatshel Trashigang25th - 28th October, 2024
152Sengmi TshechuSengmi Lhakhang Trashigang25th - 28th October, 2024
153Nimshong KharphuNimshong Zhemgang27th - 30th October, 2024
154Sumthrang KangsoelSumthrang Samdrup Choedzong Bumthang27th - 31st October, 2024
155Lamyong TshechuDrukdra Choling Lhakhang Trashigang31st October-1st November, 2024
156Coronation Day of His Majesty the KingCelebrated throughout the country1st November, 2024
157Laya AulayLaya Gasa7th -17th November, 2024
158Annual SoelkhaTashibi Lhakhang Phangkhar, Zhemgang9th - 11th November, 2024
159Zangdopelri TshechuTshenkharla Zangdopelri Lhakhang Khamdang, Trashiyangtse9th -11th November, 2024
160Chhukha TshechuChhukhaNgesrubtse Dzong Chhukha9th -11th November, 2024
161Annual SoelkhaTashibi Lhakhang Phangkhar, Zhemgang9th -11th November, 2024
162Dechenling TshechuDechenling Lhakhang Dechenling, Pemagatshel9th -11th November, 2024
163Menchu PemaphuendeyMenchu Pemaphuendey Norbugang Gewog, Pemagatshel9th -11th November, 2024
164Wamrong TshechuWamrong Lhakhang Trashigang10th -12th November, 2024
165Tang Namkha RabneyTang Namkha Lhakhang Bumthang10th -12th November, 2024
166Trashigang TshechuTrashigang Dzong Trashigang10th -14th November, 2024
167Birth Anniversary of Fourth Druk GyalpoCelebrated throughout the country11th November, 2024
168Black necked Crane FestivalGangtey Goenpa Phobjikha, Wangduephodrang11th November, 2024
169Dekiling TshechuGewog Lhakhang Dekiling, Sarpang11th November, 2024
170Dechenphug TshechuDechenphu Lhakhang Courtyard Thimphu11th November, 2024
171GamungGamung Shumar Pemagatshel13th -15th November, 2024
172Bhutan Bird FestivalTingtibi Trong, Zhemgang13th - 15th November, 2024
173Bartsham TshechuChador Lhakhang Trashigang13th -15th November, 2024
174Yonphu TshechuYonphu Ugyen Choling Lhakhang Trashigang13th -15th November, 2024
175Changangkha Lhakhang TshechuChangangkha Lhakhang Thimphu14th November, 2024
176Moshi TshechuMoshi Lhakhang Trashigang14th -15th November, 2024
177Threphu TshechuPhendeling Lhakhang Trashigang14th -16th November, 2024
178Shongphu TshechuShongphu Lhakhang Trashigang14th -16th November, 2024
179Radhi TshechuNamdro Choeling Lhakhang Trashigang14th -16th November, 2024
180Drametse Tshechu (Kangsochenmo)Thechog Ugyen Namdrol Choling Monastery Mongar14th -16th November, 2024
181Bikhar TshechuTashi Gatshel Lhakhang Trashigang14th -16th November, 2024
182Chojam RabneyChojam Lhakhang Tang, Bumthang14th - 18th November, 2024
183Ladrong RabneyLadrong Lhakhang Jarey, Lhuntse14th -18th November, 2024
184Phuntsholing TshechuPhuntsholing Shedra Chukha15th November, 2024
185Tshepami ThrongdrelRinpung Deyangkha Paro15th November, 2024
186Ngang RabneyNgang Lhakhang Choekhor, Bumthang15th -17th November, 2024
187Ahoi FestivalPangkhar Kuenphen Choeling Lhakhang Tongmijangsa, Trashiyangtse15th – 17th November, 2024
188Gangkha Pholha SoelniGangkha lhakhang Chukha16th November, 2024
189Mongar TshechuMongar Dzong Mongar19th -22nd November, 2024
190Samtse Annual TshechuSamtse Dzongkhag HQ Samtse20th - 22nd November, 2024
191Pangbang TshechuSonamthnag Dratshang Zhemgang20th -22nd November, 2024
192Descending Day of Lord BuddhaCelebrated throughout the country22nd November, 2024
193Thrimshing TshechuThrimshing Lhakhang Trashigang23rd -25th November, 2024
194Pakaling TshechuPakaling Ugyen Sangacholing Lhakhang Trashigang24th -26th November, 2024
195Jonla TshtshiUgyen Gatshel Trashigang24th -26th November, 2024
196Janachidue KurimPemaling Serzhong, Sarpang24th November-1st December, 2024
197Belpoteng Throema Lhakhang TshechuBelpoteng Throema Lhakhang Tashichholing Gewog, Samtse25th - 27th November, 2024
198Phumaythang TshechuPhumaythang Dratshang Zhemgang25th -28th November, 2024
199Thrisa Tshechu (Chodpa)Thrisa Public Lhakhang Zhemgang27th -30th November, 2024
200Vijrakliaya Drupchen at Pemayoedling LhakhangPelrithang Khamaed GelephuNovember- December, 2024
201Shingkhar TshechuShingkhar Public Lhakhang Zhemgang27th November- 1st December, 2024
202Radhi TshechuRadi Public Lhakhang Zhemgang27th November- 1st December, 2024
203Sewgang TshechuSewgang Wangduephodrang2nd- 10th December, 2024
(Once in 3 years)
204NganglaTrong ChotpalaNganglaTrong Chiwog Zhemgang1st week December, 2024
205Yeshey Goenpoi Drupchen, Festival of MahakalaTrongsa Dzong Trongsa6th-8th December, 2024
206Annual Dzongkhag TshechuRabdeling Demkhong Gelephu Thromde8th-10th December, 2024
207Bjoka ChotpaTrong Lhakhang Bjoka, Zhemgang8th- 10th December, 2024
208Gewog Annual TshechuPantang Phangkhar Zhemgang8th- 10th December, 2024
209Dali ChotpaDali Lhakhang Zhemgang8th- 10th December, 2024
210Soeldheb TshechuGoekar Tashithongjaling Lhakhang Yallang, Trashiyangtse8th - 10th December, 2024
211Nangkhar TshechuNangkhar Dorjidhen Chorten Trashiyangtse8th - 10th December, 2024
212Thrichu Goenpa TshechuThrichu Goenpa Tongzhang, Trashiyangtse8h - 10th December, 2024
213Chokhorling TshechuDungkhar Lhakhang Chokorling, Pemagatshel8th -10th December, 2024
214Tshepamey WangLhuntse Dzong Lhuntse8th- 12th December, 2024
215Lhuentse Annual TshechuLhuentse Dzong Lhuentse8th- 12th December, 2024
216Lichibi TshechuZhemgang10th December, 2024
217MendrelMendrel Lhakhang Chongshing Gewog, Pemagatshel10th-12th December, 2024
218Dagana TshechuDagana11th-15th December, 2024
219Drodhuel Pemacholing TshechuDrodhuel Pemacholing Lhakhang Ramjar, Trashiyangtse12th-15th December, 2024
220Dochula TshechuDochula,Thimphu13th December, 2024
221Phumithang TshechuPhumithang Dratshang Zhemgang13th-15th December, 2024
222Wongborang LhakhangWongborang Lhakhang Pemagatshel13th -15th December, 2024
223Bangyue LhakhangBangyue Lhakhang Pemagatshel13th -15th December, 2024
224Dechen PelriDechen Pelri Lhakhang Chimmung Gewog, Pemagatshel13th -15th December, 2024
225Wangdue Goenpa TshechuSayphu, Wangduephodrang13th - 15th December, 2024 (Once in 3 years)
226Kakaney TshechuTashi Chokhorling Lhakhang Trashigang14th -16th December, 2024
227Phimsong TshechuSangchen Pema Gatshel Lhakhang Trashigang14th -16th December, 2024
228Geokar Lhakhang TshechuGeokar Lhakhang Yallang, Trashiyangtse14th-16th December, 2024
229Gongphu ChhoedpaGongphu Zhemgang14th-16th December, 2024
230Luetshodolay ChhamNyisho Gewog, Wangduephodrang15th December, 2024
231Shin-gnyer Meto Chodpa.Shing-Nyer Lhakhang Bumthang15th December, 2024
232Wamling TshechuWamling Public Lhakhang Shingkhar, Zhemgang15th-19th December, 2024
233National DayCelebrated throughout the country17th December, 2024
234Dagapela TshechuDagana23rd- 25th December, 2024
235Bardo TshechuRizor-Yechilo Trashigang23rd -25th December, 2024
236Samdrupjongkhar Dzongkhag Annual TshechuDratshang Courtyard Samdrupjongkhar24th- 26th December, 2024
237SalingTshechuPema Choling Lhakhang Trashigang24th -26th December, 2024
238Gazangri TshechuDungkhor Lhakhang Trashigang24th -26th December, 2024
239Jangchubling TshechuJangchubling Lhakhang Gangzur, Lhuntse27th- 29th December, 2024

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