Mountain Biking and Motor Cycling in Thimphu

“Discover the Heights, Feel the Thrills

Offering extraordinary blend of cultural richness and natural beauty, Thimphu makes a unique destination for both mountain biking and motorcycling enthusiasts. The stunning backdrop of lush green valleys, snow-capped peaks, and serene landscapes adds on the beauty of the experience. Whether you choose the thrill of mountain biking along scenic trails or the freedom of exploring Thimphu and its surroundings on a motorcycle, the capital city of Bhutan provides a unique and unforgettable experience for adventure enthusiasts. The combination of challenging terrains, cultural richness, and breathtaking landscapes makes Thimphu a destination that caters to both the adrenaline junkie and the avid explorer.

Mountain Biking in Thimphu

Thimphu’s terrain is a haven for mountain biking enthusiasts, offering a variety of trails that cater to different skill levels. The city itself is surrounded by picturesque mountains and valleys, providing a diverse range of trails from beginner-friendly to challenging advanced routes.

Dochula Pass Trail: One of the most popular trails starts from Thimphu and takes you to the breathtaking Dochula Pass, adorned with 108 chortens and panoramic views of the Eastern Himalayas. The trail is a mix of dirt paths and paved roads, making it suitable for riders of various skill levels.

Phajoding Monastery Trail: For those seeking a more challenging ride, the Phajoding Monastery trail offers a steep ascent leading to a serene monastery perched at an altitude of 3,600 meters. The challenging climb is rewarded with stunning views and a sense of accomplishment.

Changangkha-Lungchutse Loop: This loop combines the cultural experience of visiting Changangkha Lhakhang with an adventurous ride to Lungchutse, providing riders with a mix of urban and off-road biking experiences.

Jigme Dorji National Park Trails: Adventure seekers can explore the trails within Jigme Dorji National Park, just outside Thimphu. The park offers a variety of terrain, from dense forests to open meadows, providing a thrilling mountain biking experience.

Motor Cycling in Thimphu

Thimphu’s roads wind through stunning landscapes, offering motorcyclists an exhilarating experience as they navigate through the mountains and valleys. Exploring the city and its surroundings on a motorcycle allows riders to immerse themselves in Bhutan’s unique culture and breathtaking scenery.

Thimphu to Paro and Back : The journey from Thimphu to Paro is a classic route that takes riders through winding mountain roads, offering spectacular views of the Paro Valley and the iconic Tiger’s Nest Monastery perched on a cliff.

Punakha Dzong Ride: A ride to Punakha, the former capital of Bhutan, provides motorcyclists with a mesmerizing journey through dense forests and along the banks of the Punakha River. The historic Punakha Dzong is a must-visit destination along the way.

Haa Valley Expedition: For those seeking a more extended adventure, the ride to Haa Valley takes you through high mountain passes and offers a glimpse into Bhutanese rural life. The valley is known for its pristine beauty and tranquility.

Discover the Heights, Feels the Thrills

Adventures on Wheels in Thimphu